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About Us

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We are a team of programmers and hackers who try to keep fit every day to keep up with new internet technologies so that we can offer our services to companies interested in covering vulnerabilities in their systems. It seems, however, that many companies are not interested in filling the vulnerabilities of systems for the defense of users, and we are here to help users understand that no social account is safe as long as there are doors for hacking.

In the last few years we have specialized more on instagram because it has a growing audience and so we stay in shape all the time with the new anti-hacking updates, updates that we manage to overcome every time years in a row until now. We believe that there is no complete system in protecting your instagram accounts, which is why we have demonstrated this in front of thousands of users every day.

Our goal for 2020 is to succeed in overcoming ourselves and being able to show people the real vulnerabilities of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and many other social networks.